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Welcome to Junk removal Experts of MD , we have been removing or hauling junk since 1990. We started in the junk removal business by helping one of our neighbors remove some junk in their garage.


The word quickly spread that our service and prices were second to none and we were getting more and more junk removal service requests in Maryland


Since then we have since branched out and have added other professional junk removal experts to our team


So if your in need of quality affordable professional junk removal services in MD give us a call today for a FREE ESTIMATE

We Remove And Haul Away Any Type Of Trash , Furniture  or Equipment In Maryland

Tv Removal MD

﷯So you finally decided to get that new lighter HIGH Definition flat screen tv, But what do you do with that big old dinosaur of a television you've had for years , Lifting it alone is no small task and can lead to back problems and many other type of bodily injuries caused by moving large bulky items, not to mention damage to your home , We at Junk Removal Experts of Md understand that moving such a large item can be an issue for our clients , We have moved hundreds of these old large television sets in MD and have devised a strapping system where our 2 junk removal experts walk the tv out of you home with ease and damage free so contact us today and schedule your large tv removal we will schedule an appointment around your schedule . We are open 7 days a week to accommodate our Maryland Customers

Mattress Removal  MD

﷯Maryland Homeowners and renters from time to time have to replace their mattress and as easy as it sounds if the new mattress delivery company does not take away the old worn out mattress it might be a difficult task to remove it from your MD home , Not only are they bulky and hard to mange when moving them, the county trash removal service does not take them, So what do you do ? Well if you have a truck you can take them to the local MD county landfill or if you have good straps you can chance strapping the mattress to the roof of your car and hope it doesn't fall off during your drive to the landfill , But If you want the easiest way to remove the mattress just call Junk Removal Experts Of MD we have removed 1000's of mattresses from MD Homes all at discounted prices , so call us today for a free estimate and ask about our curbside mattress pickup .

Hot Tub Removal MD

﷯Hot tubs can be an enjoyable item to have at you Md home , They come in many shapes and sizes and can be installed level with your deck or can sit on a concrete pad and many other custom installations , So what happens when the hot tub is no longer functional or broken beyond repair or you want the newest model with more features and jets . Well you have to remove the old hot tub before you can install the new one and that can be a difficult job for the average homeowner but don't worry just call Junk Removal Experts of MD , We have removed many types of hit tubs in Md contact us today for a free estimate on your MD hot tub removal

Yard Debirs Removal MD

﷯Whether it's spring ,fall or winter in Maryland if your a home owner you will definitely have to deal with yard debris removal at some point, If you like to do the work yourself and do not have access to a truck it will be quite difficult to get rid of the yard debris at your MD Home. Spring and winter storms can cause large tree branches and other items to accumulate in your yard , When this happens you will have to remove the items , We at Junk Removal Experts of Md can help in all your Yard Debris removal needs, We even offer cost saving curbside pickup service , Just bag your small yard debris and put the larger debris all at your curb or driveway for our MD debris removal team to pickup at a discounted price , Contact us today for a Free Estimate and to ask about our cost saving curbside MD junk AND Debris pickup details

Swing Set Removal MD

﷯ Let's Face it if your a Maryland Home owner and you have a yard and kids you will at some point probably add a swing set or play ground equipment . After years if use your kids will have using the swings and see saws or sandboxes they will eventually grow out if using the equipment so what do you do when this happens, leaving it in the yard only to rot or rust away is an option but usually not a good one , We at MD Junk Removal Experts can handle removing all kinds of yard equipment including swing sets , ground level play houses , any type of plastic yard toys and more . Call us today for a free no obligation estimate

Curb Side Pickup MD

﷯So you have some junk at your Maryland home that you want to get rid of and your are looking for the best discounted price on miscellaneous MD junk removal , If you have boxed items , appliances, mattresses , and more you can simply request our curb side junk removal services .
If you are willing to do a little of the work our MD Junk Removal Experts will schedule a curb side pickup of your items you wish to throw away . Simply call to schedule the pickup date and we will pick up the items from 9am - 5 pm M-S Once we pick up the items you can pay with a credit card and receive the discounted price , Call us today for a free no obligation junk removal curb side pickup service


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